TBU was founded in 1927 by Mr. F.W. Uittenbogaart, the grandfather of the present director. As the owner of the Shipbuilding company Hannah he became interested in the Simplex Sternframes of the German shipyard Deutsche Werft A.G.

F.W. Uittenbogaart


J. Uittenbogaart

Previous director

H.F. Uittenbogaart

Present director

Because the fleet was modest and most of the time sailing her inspectors were being idle. For that reason the idea was born to acquire the representation of Deutsche Werft, and get the inspectors involved in the promotion of Simplex products at other shipyards. It turned out to be successful and TBU was born. In the course of the years the selection of products was enlarged.

The shipowner Hannah ended her activities in the beginning of the seventies, however, Technisch Bureau Uittenbogaart is continuously growing, and still are representing the products made by Deutsche Werft which were later acquired by Blohm & Voss and still forming an important sector of the todays delivery program.

TBU supplies both for new ships, and existing ships. The smaller products can be delivered ex stock. Furthermore TBU has for service work its own qualified staff, that can do their job on-site, at a yard or in port.